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The Jungle Braai Story

Ammo bu Ray had two passions in life, the love of discovery and the taste of great food. In pursuit of his ardour, he travelled to the very Southern edge of Mother Africa, where in the deepest jungle fate would lead him to a unique people, the Mbtumbu tribe.

After meeting Ammo, the Wise Chief of the tribe sensed Ammo’s appreciation for culinary knowledge and welcomed him with the feast of Braai. From the very first taste Ammo knew he had experienced something incredibly special. The blend of fresh ingredients, the secrets of Peri Peri and the unique barbeque taste were nothing like he had ever tasted on his travels.

With the Chief’s permission Ammo remained with the Mbtumbu for many years, during which time he learnt and mastered the skill of Braai. One day, the Wise Chief summoned Ammo to his hut. He requested Ammo keep the spirit of the Mbtumbu alive by taking the taste of Braai to the farthest corners of the World.

With an immense sense of pride Ammo humbly accepted the request and following a tearful farewell with the people he had come to love, he headed back North to start the legend of Jungle Braai.

 The Jungle Braai Story

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